AMPATH Chair in Human Genetics / Cancer Genomics: University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria has approved the establishment of a Chair in Human Genetics / Cancer Genomics, supported by the AMPATH Trust. The establishment of the Chair in Human Genetics / Cancer Genomics will advance collaborative, translational research and postgraduate student training in cancer genomics. The main aim of the Chair is to further develop research and postgraduate training programmes related to human genetics within the Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology (Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and Faculty of Health Sciences). The preferred candidate’s responsibility will be (but not limited to) to establish and lead a strong research focus in the field of cancer genomics.

The University of Pretoria has a strong inter-faculty network of researchers, pulled together into a research institute, focused on hormone-dependant cancers. The network links, amongst others, genomics, microbiomics, neuroendocrinology and environmental toxicology to pre-clinical research to identify useful targets, understand mechanisms and drug development. The ultimate goal is to contribute to diagnostics, therapeutics and public health education. The preferred candidate will be the research leader to this research entity and will be responsible for co-ordinating the research to realise the set goals.

The postgraduate training component will consist of a combination of formal training programmes, mentoring, and supervision of research projects. The programmes will be developed and presented after consultation between the University (Faculties of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, and Health Sciences) and AMPATH. The preferred candidate will provide input to the development of these training programmes and to ensure uptake of training by potential postgraduate students.

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