MSc/PhD position in Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases: University of Pretoria

The Tick and Tick-borne Disease Programme focuses on the control of ticks and tick -related pathogens of agricultural importance by understanding the underlying mechanisms that enable these tick vectors to adapt and feed on their host. Moreover, we aim to develop tools that will enable robust cost-effective surveillance to screen for resistant parasite populations in the field for rational selection of chemical control, as well as vaccines that wil confer host resistance to parasite infestation. In this regard, close collaboration with academic, commercial and governmental agencies is fostered to develop capacity and resources that will fast track these tools to the producer to combat ticks and their associated diseases in the field.

The Tick and Tick-borne Disease Programme is offering a PhD or MSc position on the following research areas:

  1. To establish a rapid, high-throughput platform for the detection of pyrethroid and amitraz resistance.
  2. Evaluation of novel compounds as second generation acaricides to overcome resistance to chemical control.

The programme is supported by bursary additions from industry and THRIP (in addition to NRF and other external student bursaries)

For contact information, please see the attached PDF advert.

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