What We Do

  • Promote genetics
  • Establish standards
  • Communicate information
  • Encourage education
  • Support and foster genetics
  • Facilitate congresses and workshops

The South African Genetics Society is the official professional organization for geneticists in South Africa. It actively promotes and oversees genetics as an academic discipline in South Africa.

SAGS assists and advises on the establishment of standards of teaching, training and research in genetics in South Africa. It also communicates information to the general public on the value of historic and new developments in genetics, and encourages education and training in this regard.

The Society strives to facilitate multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional scientific co-operation in genetics, in the context of Southern Africa and Africa. It supports and fosters genetics through congresses, symposia, workshops, newsletters, and publications, including this website.

Meet our Current President


Prof. Sanushka Naidoo


We are living in an exciting time in the field of Genetics. It is hard to believe that this immense field developed with the work of Austrian monk Gregor Mendel in the mid 1800’s based on experiments on the humble pea plant…

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