For posters, please keep to the following:

  • The poster format is A0
  • Simpler is better. If you can say something with a graph, diagram, or picture, then don’t say it in words.
  • Posters will be displayed in a poster venue, and
    • Posters must be put up before the poster session. There will be a list with the specific location for each poster, as well as tape and/or tacks to affix your poster to the board.
    • Presenters must be present at their poster during the scheduled time for discussion and questions.
  • Please place a face photograph of the presenter in the top right corner of the poster.
  • Use numbered references in the text and figure/table captions, and place the numbered reference list in the bottom right of the poster.
  • Use a text size that is readable from at least 2 meters away, i.e. 16-18 pt.